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The British Airsoft Club (BAC) has been formed to provide the airsoft market with an alternative to the UKARA system to enable a safe method of selling and purchasing Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF).

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The primary responsibility of the club will be the registration of legitimate airsoft skirmishers to comply with the provisions of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, Statutory Instrument 2007 No 2606, Arms and Ammunition, and the defence outlined in section 36-38 of Home Office circular 31/2007.

The BAC embodies a totally electronic method of registration. Players will register themselves and provide details of three BAC registered airsoft sites that they have attended in a period of time greater than 56 days.  These games then need to be confirmed by the site. Please don’t contact us if you have not met these criteria as it is a legal requirement of the Home Office Circular. We cannot activate your membership until these criteria are met.


This information will be verified with the airsoft sites and once confirmed; a player will become a member of the BAC. This will enable the player to be able to purchase a RIF with participating retailers. The BAC system enables players to be transient and not be required to repeatedly attend a single airsoft site.

If your airoft site is not registered with the BAC, but is fully insured and your games can be verified, you can still join the BAC.  Please join and then e-mail us the details of your games and the site contact information.

The BAC is an airsoft membership club and not a retailer association. The BAC will encourage structure, connectivity, communication and best practice between airsoft players, sites and retailers. The BAC is a non-profit organisation and has been formed to support the airsoft community and forward the sport.

Please read the FAQ’s before attempting to register.  Register now by clicking on the appropriate page above (airsoft players, re-enactors, retailers or sites) and clicking ‘Register Now’


Supporting the Future of Airsoft

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