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The British Airsoft Club (BAC) embodies a totally electronic method of registration, meaning that players have more control over their own membership.

Note: Please click on the red tab on the left hand side of the screen to register!

Please note:

Players will register themselves, and will provide details of BAC registered airsoft sites that they have attended in a period of time greater than two months. e.g.

Players need to keep an up to date record of sites played with correct dates? And then forward on these details to BAC Admin:

(only when 3 games have been played in over 56 days)

To make the process swift and efficient please supply the name and correct contact number and details for sites played to the BAC and admin will verify the details.

This will enable the BAC admin to be more effective with validating your membership details for BAC membership card status.

Please note:

Your first to last game needs to be over a period of 56 days.  Ideally this could be achieved by playing one game every two to three weeks and needs to be confirmed by a registered BAC airsoft site to be entitled to join the BAC and receive a membership card status.

This information will be verified with the airsoft sites and once confirmed; players will become a member of the BAC.  Players can also join if they are already a member of a recognised UK airsoft site.  To be recognised, your airsoft site simply needs to have public liability insurance.  There is no reason that your airsoft site should not participate with the BAC scheme – it is completely FREE for them to join.

If your Airsoft site is not available on the drop down site list. Your game will not be counted towards your membership.  You will have to contact the Airsoft site directly and ask them to register with the BAC to confirm your games. The BAC admin will then verify your games with the site and your membership will be activated. 

When registering with the BAC, you will need to enter your personal details including: Uploading a passport style photo image. It must be a J-PEG image via an Android or PC device .  Players will not receive a BAC card if unsuitable photo is uploaded. The player is responsible to ensure they provide the BAC a clear and suitable image in timely manner or their card production will be significantly delayed. 

This will form part of your online membership card.  Please see the FAQ’s section on how your photograph should be taken and uploaded. This is very important because this picture will be used for your ID card.  You will only have one opportunity to upload your photograph and edit your address details.  Any changes to your membership after registration will need to be changed via an e-mail sent to the BAC.

Your membership will enable you to be able to purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF) with participating retailers.  Again, there is no reason that your retailer should not participate with the BAC scheme – it fully complies with the law, and it is completely FREE for them to join and to check the database.

The BAC system enables players to be transient and not be required to repeatedly attend a single airsoft site. That means that you can carry on skirmishing at different airsoft sites and you will still be able to maintain your membership and purchase RIF’s.  All you will need to do is log onto the BAC website and update three games that you have attended per year.  This will be verified with the airsoft sites and your membership will automatically renew.  The BAC requires that you will need to play 3 games within a 12 month period for your membership to automatically renew.  This ensures that we are compiling with the law regarding who is considered to be a registered airsoft skirmisher.

You MUST be at least 18 years of age to join the BAC.  However, we will be offering an under 18s membership scheme in the near future to support the next generation of players.

There is a small fee for players to join the BAC – £9.99 per year.

Benefits of BAC membership will include the following:

      • BAC photographic ID card
      • The ability to purchase RIFs
      • The ability to be a transient skirmisher
      • The ability to have more control over your own membership
      • Eligibility to receive special offers and discounts from participating retailers and airsoft sites
      • Automatic membership renewal if terms and conditions are met regarding skirmishing activity


NB.  Please only use a laptop or PC when initially registering because the signing up process is not fully compatible with mobile devices at present.  However, you will be able to use mobiles after initial sign up to prove membership.  We will be developing a mobile app in the future. 

There have been occasional issues with the Paypal Subscribe button and Windows or Google Chrome browsers, but we believe that these issues have now been resolved.  If you have any further problems, please let us know or use an alternative browser such as Firefox.  

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