What are the BAC plans for the future, including expenditure?

The BAC has had some questions regarding its infrastructure and plans for the future. The BAC has been seven months in the creation with a web development team to ensure that we have created an online airsoft database/website that will meets and adapt to the demands of airsoft players, airsoft sites and airsoft retailers.

We are also in the process of further improving the automation of the system and developing a smart phone application for all users. Our aim is to ensure ease of use and user satisfaction. We aim to create an airsoft community with positive, like minded individuals who want to further the sport and not condemn each other with constant bickering, infighting and negativity.

We will be enabling positive airsoft players, sites and retailers to have a voice through the BAC to forward and develop the sport in a safe and productive way.

We are also in the process of developing a young person’s membership scheme so that we can support the young blood in the sport and encourage growth.

We would also like to organise and run, in partnership with airsoft sites, national and regional competitions between teams from different BAC registered airsoft sites to encourage unity and a sense of sport. From this, we will create a league table of airsoft site teams.

Due to infrastructure, web design, advertising, administration and management costs, there needs to be a funding stream. Unfortunately, progress is not cheap. The BAC will adapt, evolve and promote the sport of airsoft with the input and support of the airsoft community and the panel. We appreciate all of your support.

How does the Steering Group and the Administrators work together?

The Administrators and Steering Group work very closely regarding the direction of the BAC.  The Steering Group is advisory and the Administrators have adopted every recommendation that the Steering Group has recommended to date.  The founders are the Administrators of the BAC and carry out the recommendations of the Steering Group.  Any BAC player, retailer and site disputes will be heard by the Steering Group and the final decision will rest with the Steering Group as a majority vote.

What happens if my application is refused (player, site or retailer)?

The BAC reserves the right to refuse registration to any applicant if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate or questionable by BAC staff.

The applicant has the right of appeal against registration refusal.  The applicant should write to the BAC at the registered address stating the basis of the appeal.  This will be reviewed by the BAC Steering Group.  The decision of the majority vote of the BAC Steering Group will be final.

How do I register as a player with the British Airsoft Club?

To register with the BAC, click on the ‘Register Now’ button on the players page.  You will be forwarded to the BAC database. Select that you are registering as a ‘player’ and chose a username and password.  Enter your e-mail address.  You will be sent a link to confirm that your e-mail address is correct.  Check your junk mail if the e-mail does not come into your inbox.  Click on the link in your e-mail.


You will now need to enter your personal details including uploading a passport style J-PEG image.  This will form part of your online membership card.  Your photograph must be appropriate and clear.  You will only have one opportunity to upload your photograph and edit your address details.  Any changes to your membership after registration will need to be changed via an e-mail sent to the BAC.

Once registered, you will then need to list three airsoft games that you have played in a period of time greater than two months.

Your first to last game needs to be over a period of 56 days.  Ideally this could be achieved by playing one game every two to three weeks and needs to be confirmed by a registered BAC airsoft site to be entitled to join the BAC and receive a membership card status.

This information will be verified with the airsoft sites.  Once verified, your membership status will be set to active.  You will now be able to purchase an RIF with a participating retailer.  To purchase an RIF, you will need to give the retailer your membership number, which is found in your BAC profile.


How does the BAC prevent fraudulent entries onto the database?

Players will enter their name, address, telephone number (not compulsory) date of birth and J-PEG passport style image onto the database.  A photographic membership card will be sent to the players registered address.  For internet purchases, the RIF must ONLY be sent to the registered players address.  In addition, the Paypal or Credit Card details MUST also correspond to the players registered address.  For face-to-face purchases, the purchaser will be required to show additional identification to the retailer, such as a driving licence, credit card or work ID.

This process is to protect the future of airsoft and to ensure that the validation process for the sale and purchase of RIF’s is robust.

How do I take my photograph for the BAC ID card?

Digital cameras are now readily available and the most basic models will do this job well, as the final image will be quite small.  Most people will have them on their Mobile phones. A good resolution to choose for your camera is 640×480 pixels, which is generally the medium or low setting on most cameras or phone cameras. Photographs or Passport photos from booths can also be used.

Choose a room with as much natural light as possible, with your subject facing the light source. Position the subject against a white or neutral background and ensure that there are no wall charts, notices etc. on the walls that will show in the picture.

Set the camera settings to the medium or low quality settings, as the final picture size will be small on the card. Pictures should be a jpeg file (.jpg or .jpeg), portrait format and ideally no larger than 200kB in size. Use a flash if you have one as this will give better results even in natural light. You should position yourself so you have a head and shoulder shot only in the viewfinder or screen. Please save your image under your name for upload onto the BAC database.

If I lose my BAC ID card, can I replace this?

Yes, but there is a £9.99 administration charge to replace your card.  Please e-mail BAC247@outlook.com to replace your card.

How do I purchase from a BAC registered retailer?

All BAC registered retailers will have access to the BAC database.  You will give your membership number to the retailer who will be able to confirm your identity via the BAC database.  The retailer will be able to see your name, address, date of birth, J-PEG passport style image, telephone number (if provided) and whether your membership status is ‘active’.  This will be your online membership card.  By joining the BAC, you agree for this information to be shared with your retailer for the purposes of purchasing an RIF only.  The retailer will ONLY be able to ship your RIF to the registered players address.  For face-to-face purchases, you will be required to show additional photographic identification to the retailer, such as a driving licence or work ID.   This is to prevent fraudulent entries on the database.

Can my Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF) be sent to a different address?

No, your RIF can ONLY be sent to the registered postal address of the player.

How do I register as a site with the British Airsoft Club?

To register with the BAC, click on the ‘Register Now’ button on the airsoft site page.  You will be forwarded to the BAC database. Select that you are registering as a ‘site’ and chose a username and password.  Enter your e-mail address.  You will be sent a link to confirm that your e-mail address is correct.  Check your junk mail if the e-mail does not come into your inbox.  Click on the link in your e-mail.

You will then need to update the contact details for your site and verify your public liability insurance policy number and expiry date.  Your application will then be forwarded to the BAC administration team who will check the details you have provided and then activate your site.   You will be asked to forward a copy of your public liability insurance to the British Airsoft Club for our records.  Your site will then be available in the drop down list for players to register games at your site.

Are my personal details safe with you?

All public and private organisations are legally obliged to protect any personal information they hold.  We have undertaken the full registration process with the Information Commissioner’s Office (formerly the Data Protection Office, a government department) as a Data Controller.   Our registration number is ZA042381.

We will never pass on any of your information to any third party outside of that required for you to legally and safely purchase an RIF.  All of your information is held securely by The British Airsoft Club, our web development team and on our servers.

Can I import RIF using my BAC defence?

The BAC specifically asked for Mr Nicholas Doherty’s (Barrister) advice regarding the Importation of Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF).  Mr Doherty stated the following:

“Paragraph 3 Of the Border Force Operations Manual on this subject makes it clear that although the defences set out above technically do not apply to private individuals at the point of importation, the Border Agency’s policy is to apply them as if they did. Membership of BAC should therefore provide a good defence to such importation. This can only apply to those over 18. I would recommend declaring the item at the border and producing both your BAC membership card and a copy of The Operations Manual.  If the item is seized, ask straight away for ‘restoration’ citing the defence set out above.”

Nb.  There is no mention of UKARA or any other organisation in the UK Border Force Operations Manual.

Please contact us if you are a BAC member and are planning to import RIF’s and we will provide you with a copy of the UK Border Force Operations Manual.

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