Re-enactor Membership

The British Airsoft Club (BAC) is extending its membership to genuine re-enactors.

It is widely known that re-enactors of historical events, who are covered by the appropriate third party public liability insurance, have a defence in law for the purchase of RIFs.  However, many re-enactors have difficulties in providing adequate proof of status to the retailer for the purchase RIF’s. This can make the purchasing process time consuming and difficult.  The BAC is proud to offer membership to genuine re-enactors that will allow them to purchase RIF’s without restriction.

The yearly fee for BAC registration is £9.99 which is great value considering the advantages of membership.  BAC is a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation.

To register with the BAC as a re-enactor, your re-enactment group will also need to be registered with the BAC.  This is so that your re-enactment status can be verified.  Your public liability insurance can either be individual or via the re-enactment group.

Benefits of BAC membership:

  • Provide easily verifiable proof of re-enactor status, thus making purchase of RIF a simple process


  • Be registered on a national online database


  • Be issued with a plastic photographic ID card with bar code and unique membership number


  • Automatic membership renewal if terms and conditions are met


  • Eligibility to receive special offers and discounts from participating retailers and airsoft sites



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