Airsoft Retailers

The British Airsoft Club (BAC) aims to support all legitimate retailers, whether they have a walk in store or are purely online, and offer a SAFE and SECURE method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms (RIF) that COMPLIES with the law.

The British Airsoft Club (BAC) is not a retailer association. The BAC is an airsoft membership club for players.

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The primary responsibility of the club is the registration of legitimate airsoft players to comply with the provisions of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, Statutory Instrument 2007 No 2606, Arms and Ammunition, and the defence outlined in section 36-38 of Home Office circular 31/2007.

The BAC grants access to the player’s database to all legitimate retailers of realistic imitation firearms (RIF). The BAC provides a list of retailers who accept the BAC as a valid defence.   A retailer’s inclusion on this list does not imply that the BAC is recommending or has verified the retailer.   As with any other sale, the customer is advised to undertake their own checks before purchasing.

The BAC recognises that the retailers are their own legal entities with their own policies and procedures regarding customer service. The BAC cannot get involved with individual disputes between the customer and the retailer.

If a customer has an issue with a supplier and is unable to resolve this with the retailer, we recommend that a report is submitted to Trading Standards allowing them to investigate it independently.

The BAC will act to suspend and cancel a retailer’s access to the database based on the following:

1. Proven misuse of the data contained within the players database

2. Successful criminal prosecution against the retailer for selling RIF illegally, or other airsoft related criminal offence


Access to the Players Database

The BAC will provide FREE access to the registered airsoft skirmisher database for all registered retailers. This will include a skirmishers membership number, name and address and for additional security and to comply with the Home Office guidelines, retailers will be able to identify the player via a JPEG passport style image stored within our database. You will only be able to search our secure database using a player’s unique membership number that they will give to you at the point of purchase.

Our membership criteria for retailers are:

      • UK registered business at Companies House (or be able to prove genuine retail business)
      • Must retail airsoft products
      • Business website
      • The business must display contact details
      • Must be able to provide trade references upon request
      • All commercial premises, must maintain public liability insurance
      • Agree to the BAC Terms and Conditions, which includes a code of conduct


Benefits of participating with the BAC scheme include the following:

      • FREE access to the airsoft skirmisher database
      • The ability to sell RIF’s legally and safely
      • The ability to advertise and promote your business to a targeted community
      • The ability to offer discounts and promotions to registered players


Supporting the Future of Airsoft

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